Press clippings from the album "Reality On A Finer Scale"

khz_roafs_cover.jpgdarkly atmospheric with boulder-heavy riffs-this gothic influenced metal band could
get bela lugosi moshing"  --Revolver Magazine

"kHz has a crunchy, machine-like, almost nine inch nails feel.  For the alienated, pissed off, rebellious youth, we prescribe a daily dose of kHz and reality on a finer scale." - Hit Parader Magazine

"From the opening attack of It's Yours to the somber closing of Stay All Night, the listener is taken on a roller coaster ride of rising and tumbling emotion.  Definitely a band to watch in 2005." - MK Magazine

"Reality on a finer scale is a massive piece of work, it grows with each listen containing buried subtexts
that are only revealed when the listener absorbs the first layer in round one, then opens their ears for the
world below on subsequent listens." - Outburn Magazine

"KHZ have got to be one of the best Metal bands that I have ever heard. What makes all the difference here
is KHZ sound like no one else" - steve DIY

"Raiana screams and yells like the best of them, whilst backed up by jagged riffs and pulsating rhythms
reminiscent of Undertow-era Tool . With so many female fronted bands going the slick Evanescence/
Nightwish Goth swoon route these days, This is a compelling diversion". - Daniel Lukes, lollipop magazine

Songs like "let it go" "it" and "rubberhead" rock the post industrial dirge of bands like tool and ministry, while "it's yours" and "empty" are somewhere between filter and the deftones." - Prick Magazine

new-myspace-khz-01.jpg"A classic, this band will kick your ass. kHz's versatility and expertise in various tempos is impressive. I also liked the way the band occasionally throws in electronic effects that take the listener by surprise and bring them back into the moment.  A fascinating and powerful recording - Rough Edge Magazine

"Painful and at times almost disturbing, Reality On A Finer Scale is an album that darkly pulsates through some of the best technical arrangements this side of an Evanescence meets Otep drink fest! -
Exclusive magazine

"Let it Go" displays lead singer Raiana's ability to blow Chester Bennington off stage with her voice. And she is more than ably backed by the rest of the band. KHZ take their music to higher levels, from the hard core of "It's Yours" to a softer nature like "Broken". whereas similar bands tend to produce albums that have tracks that just blend like cream and white. -Steven Hurst


"This is a total kick ass cd, it's upfront honest and in your face . This made me say "Finally, something
that really moves me!" Evertime you listen to it you hear differnt things that you didn't hear the first time."

cb's willow rai 01.jpgI would suggest this band to all fans of hard rock,especially those who enjoy a female vocalist  who not only has a beautiful singing voice,but some serious chops to back up the heavy shit.  There is also the uncompromisng sound of the rest of the band to glue it all together and create a masterpiece of a record. Ditch- Exotic Underground