Lyrics for Cryogenic Sleep


Make It Go Away. I'm looking down the drain, did it wash away the pain? You said it would feel the same when everything washes away. I Feel it crawling again.  Fucking worms in my head.  Can't peel it off of my skin, The guilt It always stays within.  Has que se baja, Make it go away. You've lost your mind. You're running out of time.  Forgive and Repent. I need to release me.  Make it go away. 


Hear You. I don't need to listen to you. I won't let you complicate truth.  I just want to confiscate you,  Aggravate you,  inundate you.  I want them to,  And I want you too. And I want you to, do what I do. I want what I want.  I want what I want.  I've got my hands on my head and fingers in my ears, I scream right through you.  Lies become you, Activate you, Irritate who, defecate you.  I want him to,  And I want her too,  And I want you to fuck yourself blue.  I want what I want.  I want what I want. I've got my hands on my head and my fingers in my ears.  I scream right through you.  I can't even hear you,  I can't even hear you.   I don't need to, listen to you.  I don't need to, listen to you.   I can't even hear you. 


Fly On The Windscreen. Death is everywhere.  There are flies on the windscreen.  For a start, reminding us we could be torn apart.  Tonight.  Death is everywhere.  There are lambs for the slaughter.  Waiting to die.  And I can sense the air was slipping by.  Tonight. Come here. Kiss Me. Now.  Death is everywhere.  The more I look the more I see.  The more I feel a sense of urgency. Tonight.  Come here.  Kiss Me. Now. There are flies on the windscreen.  There are lambs for the slaughter.  There are flies on the windscreen.  Come here.  Kiss me.  Now. Touch me. 


When There Is Nothing. Paint a picture using white on white.  Leave out all the colors you depend on.  Tell me what is left.  Take your picture.  Hold it nice and high.  Tell me what are you feeling inside.  What's your feelings.  What is left when you take it all away.  When your numb to everything.  When you can't explain what you are feeling.  What you are hearing.  So soft and quiet.  When there is nothing.  You keep changing.  Pain hides everything.  It takes all from what used to feed us.  It fucks up your head.  Keep your distance.  Hide your innocence.  It's the only life that can save you.  It's all we have left.  Shut my eyes.  Won't  you  make it go away.  Don't want to feel anymore.  Got to stay away from feeling this way.  Hurting me this way.  So soft and quiet.  When there is nothing.  I can't hear it.


Feel Me. I feel a pulse. It's driving me crazy. It's fucking with the voice in my head. I'm all alone except for the pounding. It's my loneliness that makes me forget that I feel something else, So I can breath something else. If I don't then I'll bleed.  I can't feel what I need.  I want you to hold me. I want you to feel me. I can't understand this.  I know there was a time when I did.  I need to remember what it's like to feel what I did.  I can't be alone anymore. I can't stand to live with the pain.  My heart needs someone else's, I.....  I want you to hold me.  I want you to feel me.


Lethargic. I can't believe in someone I can't understand.  It's like you masturbate with someone else's hand.  And as I sit and wonder why I'm next to you.  I stick my finger down my throat so I can puke.  I don't care if you don't care. I won't care, I don't if you won't.  Another wonder of our troubles.  Another wonder of the things above us.  I don't care if you don't care. I won't care I won't if you don't. Oh please understand I breathe nothing but emptiness. I see everything and need to sometimes care a little less.  I don't care if you don't care.  I won't care I don't if you won't. 


Anxiety Attack. El corazon par pita con dolor. Tu corazon par pita con dolor.  I feel the dirt roll down my spine .  The more you hurt the less you'll find.


I'm Here. Too much static,  I just can't hear anymore.  I've tried, hiding.  I just don't feel anymore.  Just like that, it fades, walls do that, hide pain. You run and hide you can't escape, there's no one here for your to blame.  I'm holding on, I'm so afraid, (Don't be afraid). I'm here. I'm unhappy, There is some peace in there somewhere. I need gray days, You just can't see in black and white.  Don't you say I'm strange,  It's a game I play.  It's every day you curse my name but I'm the one that heals your pain.  When no one's left don't be afraid. no. I'm here.


Floccipauchinihilipilification. Waiting.  Falling again.  Help me to hold on.  Listen.  So quietly.  I hear them when they call.  They say they can't hear me.  I am alone again.  I breathe.  I can't feel it.  Won't you please say the same.  Can you hear my voice too.  Cause I can't stay too long.  I'll be out there somewhere.  So I can't sing my song.